Bourbon Dynasty

Louis XIV the Great, the Sun King is king from May 14, 1643 until 1715.


House of Stuart

Charles II becomes king of England in 1660 until he dies on February 6, 1685.

James II becomes king of England on February 6, 1685. On December 23, 1688 he is forced to leave the throne because of feuds with the Anglicans. He is captured, but manages to escape to Louis XIV. He dies on September 16, 1701.

House of Orange and Stuart

William III of Orange becomes king and Mary of Stuart II becomes queen on February 13, 1689. Mary dies December 28, 1694 and William dies on March 8, 1702.

House of Stuart

Queen Anne becomes queen of England on March 8, 1702 and dies in 1714.


Habsburg Dynasty

Carlos II (latinized to Charles II) becomes king of Spain in 1665 and dies on November 1, 1700.

Bourbon Dynasty

Felipe V becomes king of Spain on November 16, 1700. He is king until 1724.

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